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What's Happening at Zoeller?

Kelly Crossroads Low Pressure Sewer System

The Problem:

Kelly Cross Roads is a village in central Pennsylvania near the Borough of Lewisburg. The village had failing septic systems due to system age, soils, and topography. The township needed a solution for these homes that would protect the homeowners and the environment.  

6/25/2019  |  Read More
Floatless™ Switches Overcome Common Float-Related Hang-Ups

Zoeller Pump Company has released its latest development in switch technology. The new Floatless™ switches with solid state tech are tested for over 1 million cycles of operation.

4/26/2019  |  Read More
Aquanot® Fit 508 Battery Backup System Provides Dependable Protection Against Basement Flooding

Zoeller Pump Company’s new Aquanot® Fit 508 battery backup system is a Professional Series backup that offers an economical option for homeowners in need of dependable protection from basement flooding. 

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Zoeller Pump is a Proud Sponsor of Contractor Rewards

Zoeller Pump Company is teaming up with Contractor Rewards to offer you rewards for your Zoeller Pump Company pump purchases! Zoeller wants to show appreciation to the hard-working, loyal Contractors and Plumbers who trust in the Zoeller Pump brand.

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Zoeller Engineered Products’ 64 HD Series Flex Muscle

Zoeller Engineered Products has answered the call for a solids handling line of products for municipal waste and storm water applications. They conform to today’s need for higher horsepower pumps. 

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Clarus Fusion Assembled in South Africa

Partnering with Clarus, Maskam Water now offers turn-key water solutions to resolve tomorrow’s water shortages, today.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Flint & Walling's Partners Program

With the new F&W Partners program, you’re not standing alone. We trust you to represent the F&W family well, just like you trust us to build high-quality pumps.

11/2/2017  |  Read More
Organizational Announcements

Zoeller Company is pleased to announce the following management changes at their Flint & Walling and Zoeller Pump Divisions.

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F&W Merchandise Online

The NEW and improved line of quality F&W apparel, promotional merchandise, and signage is available online...

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