Floatless™ Switches Overcome Common Float-Related Hang-Ups

April 26, 2019

Zoeller Pump Company has released its latest development in switch technology. The new Floatless™ switches with solid state tech are tested for over 1 million cycles of operation. These switches have approximately a 7” differential between “on” and “off” points with a built-in secondary “on” point, and adjustable level settings. The design incorporates simple mounting options and a piggyback plug for the pump. The Floatless™ switch has options available for both sump (10-4659) and sewage (10-4660) applications and can be purchased individually or alongside Zoeller’s new LN series pumps. This package is available with 3 of Zoeller’s industry-proven, all cast iron pumps; models 53® (53-0084) and 98 (98-0069) for residential sump and model 267 (267-0121) for sewage. Standalone switches and LN Series pumps with switch both have a 3-year warranty.