Long Island Low Pressure Sewer System

October 16, 2020

The Zoeller Engineered Products Replacement Pump Series Model 6932 was the solution to a problem installation in Long Island, New York. The grease in this installation was a major contributor to the pump failure. The inlet to the pressure switch was completely blinded off and not allowing the on/off switches to function.

The ZEP 6932 was installed next to a competitor’s pump in a duplex configuration and the high-level alarm float on the 6932 was actuated. Clover Pump and Motor of Long Island was servicing this customer and received a service call that would result in replacing the system. The basin had broken free from the discharge pipe and invert. The experts at Sewer Stewards made a plan to remove the floating basin and replace it with concrete. This decision made for a quick solution and easy control of the ground water. Clover Pump and Motor keeps an inventory of the ZEP 6932 units in Long Island which allowed them to make a speedy response to the trouble at hand to keep the sewer system operating without interrupting the day-to-day of its users.

The control and alarm floats were a big consideration in selecting this pump as a replacement. The coverless version of the 6932 allows for ease of cleaning the pumps and the basin. The 6932 unit is designed to deliver up to 240 feet of head using a 2 HP, 1750 RPM, 240-volt 1 Phase motor. It’s also available in 1 HP for up to 150 feet of head.

A new option for ZEP’s 2 HP unit is a 200-volt single phase power input. This eliminates the need for Buck Boost Transformers to convert power, saving approximately $400 per installation.

The ZEP progressing cavity grinder pump has many design features:

  • All stainless-steel piping and valves
  • Allows you to see the water level and contents of the pit without removing the pump
  • Rotor designed with deflector plate, pump out vanes and recess to locate the mechanical seal. Silicon Carbide/Carbon with Viton O Rings
  • Integral pressure relief valve
  • Oil cooled motor with finned housing to dissipate heat
  • Float operated On/Off/Alarm/redundant On, 2-float design
  • Floats integrally installed and factory set tethered to the pump

All the features listed above were taken into consideration by the Service Provider in evaluating this design. Give us a call to discuss your application at 1-800-928-7867!

For additional information about the 6932, please contact Zoeller Engineered Products or your local Municipal Rep. You can also find out more on our website, www.zoellerengineered.com.