The Evolution of Our Brand


The original Zoeller Company logo was designed by Bob Zoeller, the son of the company’s founder, in the 1950s. Decades later, Zoeller maintains the integrity of the original design with its precise angles and spacing, in the true fashion of a Professional Engineer.


As Zoeller Company expanded with new acquisitions and the establishment of individual divisions, the logos were updated with a more intricate and intriguing design.


With further company expansion, the logos were updated again to offer some consistency among the divisions with the placement of a descriptor bar and the signature meatball in front.


In response to new Corporate Brand Positioning across the entire Zoeller Family of Water SolutionsTM, the logos were all refreshed to modernize our branding and bring continuity to the layout and styling of all brands within Zoeller Company. The meatball remains in front of the name, and the descriptor was dropped to more clearly identify a distinction between the corporate entity and its divisions.