Lucas Oil Stadium

November 2, 2017

Lucas Oil Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium which is well-known as the home field of the Indianapolis Colts and the host stadium of the Super Bowl XLIV. It has a seating capacity of 62,241 for football games and can exceed 70,000 people in its basketball configuration.

Since the field is positioned below street level, wastewater from upper levels can gravity-flow to the city mains, but sewage from the lower-level restrooms must be pumped for removal. In addition to the lift stations handling wastewater, storm water lift stations were installed on each side of the field and around the stadium to quickly remove rain water in the event that the dome is open during rainfall.

Model Description # Units
62 HD Heavy-duty, 3″ (76 mm) spherical solids-handling 10
6188 Commercial Duty Effluent Pump 1