Lake Saved from Contamination

November 2, 2017

A mobile home park in Michigan had a failed septic system resulting in surfacing effluent and contamination of a nearby lake. The site had an existing 20,000 gallon (75,708 liter) septic tank and the owner was restricted to pumping and hauling of the waste. A conventional replacement drainfield was not possible due to site constraints including limited space, poor soil conditions, and a high watertable.

After careful consideration, a new system was designed to treat 5,000 gpd (18,927 lpd), utilizing the existing septic tank, a Zoeller Pump WW4 septic tank filter and two ZFL-2400 Fusion® Treatment Systems installed in parallel with a Tru-Flo Splitter. Treated effluent was collected in a 1,500-gallon (5,678 liter) dose tank and two Zoeller® Model N153 pumps were used to dose a new low pressure drainfield.

Since startup, the system has performed perfectly. System maintenance is performed twice a year.