Honda de México S.A. de C.V.

November 2, 2017

Guanajuato, Mexico

In 2014, Honda de México S.A. de C.V. announced it would begin building a facility measuring 5.66 million square meters in Mexico to manufacture subcompact vehicles for the North American market. As it is projected to produce 200,000 units per year and employ approximately 3,200 people, the company has installed 13 duplex grinder lift stations around the facility to handle all of the discharged wastewater from the plant. Each lift station contains two Zoeller grinder pumps, which will provide high flow and superior cutting action to accommodate the harsh environment of the manufacturing building. The pumps are also installed on Zoeller’s Z-Rail systems, allowing for easy disconnect and removal for regular maintenance and inspection.

Model Description # units
G7013 High Flow Grinder Pumps 26
Z-Rail® Zoeller Rail Systems 26