Zoeller Company Intellectual Property Rights Listing


Zoeller Company is proud of its history as an innovator. It continues today with over 30 patented and patent pending technologies worldwide that cover one or more of its divisions products in addition to its trademarks and copyrighted assets.

CANADA Floor Level Waste Pumping System For Toilets 2512023
CHINA Sustainable sewage treatment system of low energy consumption ZL201420807207.5
CHINA Micro-powered sewage biological rapid filtration system and technology using the same ZL20141005955.4
CHINA Toilet Grinder System (Design Appl) CN306250712S
CHINA Reversing Grinder Pump CN113494482B 2021103429409
CHINA Reversing Grinder Pump CN215170995U 2021206489638
CHINA Wastewater Removal System CN215948439U 2021212789979
TAIWAN Toilet Grinder System (Design Appl) D216705 109306451
TAIWAN Reversing Grinder Pump I792251 110112064
TAIWAN Wastewater Removal System I782563 110120545
US Floor Level Waste Pumping System For Toilets 7203976
US Sealed and Self-Contained Tankless Water Heater Flushing System 9228575
US Grinder Pump Basin System 9004381
US Grinder Pump Basin System 9352327
US System and Method for Explosion Proof Pump 8535014
US Cutter Blade D653,264
US Grinder Pump 8562287
US Wastewater treatment apparatus 7727397
US Direct current sump pump D740,329
US Centrifugal sewage pumps with two impellers 6916152
US Sewage pump 7354009
US Proposed method for switching in and out the start winding of a single phase AC motor 11277081 15/477,241
US Sump pump system with an electronic controller module secured in a sump pump power cord 11035367 16/288,687
US Wastewater Basin 10907340 16/515,107
US Wastewater Basin 17/149,813
US Water-powered Sump Pump 11441578 16/720,505
US Electronic Component Holder for Control Boxes 11621547 16/750,248
US Cord Minder Clip 11271377 16/587,461
US Reversing Grinder Pump 11365738 16/837,765
US Handle for Toilet Grinder System (Design Appl) 29/737,297
US Spring-loaded Float Tree and Float Tree Assembly 11661733 17/643,225
US Wastewater Pumping System Accessory 63/313,952
US Waste Collection and Disposal System for Toilets 11905695 17/699,585